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Long ago, dinosaurs walked the land. Their great footsteps shook the earth, and all other creatures trembled in their passage. Their reign ended with the coming of a killer asteroid that paved the way for the rise of mammals.

At least, that’s the way it happened in our world.

There is another world, across the dimensional barriers—a world where the asteroid missed and the reign of the dinosaurs continued unabated. In this world, mammals largely remain small and insignificant creatures. They are certainly no match for the true masters of the world: the saurian races descended from dinosaurs and the floral races descended from intelligent plants.

Until five years ago, the mightiest nation in the world was the Mandragoran Kingdom, an enlightened monarchy populated by the mandragora, a peaceful race of plant-descended humanoids. Their peaceful days ended with invasion by the Dragon Empire, a rival nation ruled by the saurian kappa. This disastrous conflict, known as the Mushroom War, still has its repercussions being felt to this day.

Now, the mandragora are an enslaved people, laboring under the uncaring claws of their kappa overlords. They are not a people without hope, however. The Sunflower King’s only daughter, the Peachblossom Princess, still lives, and her image is a rallying cry for those who would take back the land from the invaders. The mandragora are not alone in their quest either. Heroes of many races have stepped forward in this time of great need—including the legendary and semi-divine champions known as “humans.”

This is the world of Terra, and it needs heroes!