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Welcome to Heroes of Terra, a campaign setting for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

Herein, players will discover the plight of the mandragora people and their kingdom, under assault from the Dragon Emperor of the kappa and his many dark allies. In a land where hope dwindles daily, the only chance for salvation lies in heroes from another world, a legendary parallel universe known to the inhabitants of Terra as “Earth,” and those few willing to stand with them against the Dragon Emperor.

Heroes of Terra is intended to be a love letter to classic pulp-adventure fantasy of the early twentieth century and a winking homage to the popular video games of the early 1980s. Think of the setting as “John Carter of Mario World” or “Conan, but as an Italian plumber instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

On this campaign wiki, you will find all you need to create your Hero of Terra!

Main Page

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